How KasihKasih Works

Vouchers do worked, however producing, printing, sending are all of the cost that you need to cut. Using KasihKasih electronic voucher, you can simplify your voucher campaigns and track every performance.

Consult With Us

Consult with us to find out the effective voucher campaign and save your budget by cutting the expense for printing and delivering!

Choose Voucher

We have many types of vouchers with special offers from our various merchants. Choose what suits your customers the best!

Voucher Payment

Enjoy a convenient payment method from KasihKasih. We offer deposit or invoice payment for you to keep your customer happy.

Add Customer List

List your favorite customers who are worthy of your vouchers. We will send your vouchers to your list, so you don’t have to send it manually.

Campaign Execution

Once everything is settled, we will send your personalized coupon codes to your customers. We’re using the SMS service, so your customers can redeem their vouchers easily.

Voucher Redemption By Customer

Learn your customers’ behavior through their voucher redemption. Set parameters to measure which voucher campaign works the best.

Campaign Report

Get your campaign report to analyze what works the best. Learn your customer behavior based on the report to create a more effective campaign in the future.

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